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 I am María José

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I am the founder of SoyNutrimujer

I am a Nutritionist, mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend.

I have been a Nutritionist for many years and in the last 6 years i have specialized in eating disorders, This led me to know different realities and many stories, which motivated me to start working with woman who need to be counseled from love to belive in themselves again.

Along the way i realize that this affects both, woman and men, so this place is also for you!

I hope this space opens up to tell us ours stories and we become a wonderful and powerful Clan...

The idea is that you share your stories with me so we can work together if you wish...


"Living on a diet, is not living"

Every time i see and know more people suffering from the weight and the consequences that this could cause... Consequences?? this is what you always heard right? And yes, this is what we´ve all been hearing for a long time...

As a nutritionist, I have also heard it and perhaps also preached it until a while ago... But not anymore!!! There are many studies that prove that weight is not related to health and that you can have a large but healthy body...

That is why in Nutrimujer you will find that support, you can obtain much more than just an eating plan, we will work together on self-love and how to be healthy without suffering and of course without restrictions!!!

Es por eso que en Nutrimujer vas a encontrar ese respaldo, podrás obtener mucho más que solo un plan de alimentación, trabajaremos en conjunto el amor propio y como ser saludables sin sufrir y por supuesto ¡sin restricciones!

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